Durgapur engineering colleges seats lying vacant

A large number of vacant seats in six of the seven private engineering colleges in and around Durgapur is seen to be the prime reason behind recent turmoil in these colleges.

Crises continues in two Durgapur engineering colleges

Two of the most coveted engineering and management institutes of Durgapur is going through a deep crises resulting in suspension of classes, student unrest and faculty dismissal.

NASA telescope captures shifting lights near black hole

NASA’s black-hole hunting telescope NuSTAR has observed a super-massive black hole’s gravity pulling on X-ray light that’s being emitted near that black hole.

25 amazing facts about India to make you a proud Indian

On the occasion of India’s 68th Independence, Durgapuradda brings to you 25 most amazing facts about India that will definitely make you feel proud to be an Indian.

09 unknown facts about India’s independence

On the occasion of India’s 68th Independence Day today, Durgapuradda brings to you some interesting and unknown facts related to India and its independence.

Best ever July production in Durgapur Steel Plant

Durgapur Steel Plant, a unit of Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) in Durgapur has recorded the best ever July month performance since inception in all the parameters of steel production.