Accused INTTUC leader of Durgapur in hospital dharna

Mission Hospital of Durgapur

Mission Hospital, the 250 bedded, state-of-the-art super specialty hospital of Durgapur was the venue of three-hour long demonstration yesterday, by 40-odd supporters of INTTUC. The demonstration was led by none other than Ashim Pramanik, who was the main accused of assaulting a GM of Jai Balaji last Saturday. The demonstration started at around 11 am on Friday (21st December) and continued till 1 pm causing a lot of inconvenience to patients, their families and hospital staff as well.

INTTUC leader Ashim Pramanik

Burdwan INTTUC chief Prabhat Chatterjee, who had claimed after last Saturday’s assault on the Jai Balaji Industries general manager that Pramanik was not a union member, today appeared to unwittingly accept that Pramanik had ties with Trinamool’s labor arm. Saying, “I am unable to control Pramanik.”
Armed with a charter of demands including, a hike in wages of workers, employment of local youths and free treatment for BPL cardholders, NTTUC workers under the leadership of Ashim Pramanik shouted slogans in front of the main gate of the hospital causing inconvenience to patients and hospital staff who did not dare enter the hospital even. Some patients waited in cars outside the hospital till the protesters dispersed around 1 pm. Many relatives said they could not meet patients during the general visiting hour starting at 11 am.
Pramanik, against whom an FIR has been lodged for the alleged assault, had been absconding since Monday, said, “The hospital authorities are making huge profit by exploiting Group D employees. They often suspend workers for protesting.” Pramanik, who has been barred from entering the Jai Balaji premises further added, that he would only listen to all-India INTTUC President Subrata Mukherjee. However, Subrata Mukherjee denied knowing any Ashim Pramanik of Durgapur.
Hospital authorities said it had become “impossible” to deal with multiple INTTUC factions. “Earlier, we used to negotiate wages and other issues with Prabhat Chatterjee. But since July, another INTTUC union has started sending us letters saying the wage agreement we made with Chatterjee is unlawful and henceforth, we will have to discuss with the new faction. But Chatterjee asked us to ignore the new faction. The new union’s members even decide what food will be cooked at the canteen,” said Mission Hospital chief executive Prabir Mukherjee. “The new union is putting pressure on us to sack those workers who don’t follow its diktat,” Mukherjee said.
Sources said the new faction was led by Durgapur Mayor Apurba Mukherjee, to whose group Pramanik claims he belongs. Meanwhile, when asked why Mr. Pramanik against whom there is an FIR and who is absconding since Monday is not being arrested, S. Murugan, the Assistant Commissioner of Police (East), said, “It is not necessary to arrest anybody charged under a non-bailable section.”

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