Agitation outside Netaji Hindi Vidyalaya in Durgapur’s Benachity

Netaji Hindi Vidyalaya in Benachity of Durgapur saw massive protests yesterday against a teacher for violation of modesty of a class six girl of the school. The guardians of the school under the leadership of the local Trinamool Councillor and Bodo Chairman Neemai Garai staged agitation in front of the school gate from morning.

Students of Netaji Hindi Vidyalaya of Benachity in Durgapur

The agitators were demanding that the teacher against whom a complaint has been lodged in the local police station must immediately be taken into custody. However, on assurances from police that the matter would be immediately enquired and proper steps would be taken, the agitation was lifted.

Netaji Hindi Vidyalaya is a Government School in ward 19 of Durgapur Municipality Corporation and is one of the oldest schools of the area. This co-educational school was established way back in 1971.

Police sources said, that the father of the complainant has lodged a complaint in Durgapur Police Station stating that a teacher of the school has violated modesty of his daughter and even attempted to rape for quite some days. The father of the girl claimed that the complain letter has been signed by some other guardians as well.

The Trinamool Councillor said that the teacher in question has been engaged in this kind of attitude for quite some time and several other guardians have also complained. He further addled that the school managing committee has been apprised of the fact and immediate action has been demanded.

The principal of the school, Mr. Sudhir Kumar Suman however said that no such complain has been brought under his notice by the guardian. Latar on, a copy of the complain letter has been shown to the principal. On seeing this he assured that the school managing committee will definitely enquire the complain and take proper steps.

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