Aid appeal for physically challenged mountaineer

Paresh Chandra Nath - the disabled mountaineer from Durgapur

Unfortunate but true, the incredible news of a physically challenged mountaineer from Durgapur attempting to reach the summit of Mt. Everest in March this year published in Durgapur Adda did not evoke much enthusiasm amongst the people of Durgapur.

Paresh Chandra Nath – the physically challenged mountaineer from Durgapur with an amputated left wrist is all set to attempt reaching the top of the world’s highest mountain peak in just two months time from now. Paresh Chandra (49) with 25 years of experience in mountaineering has climbed several high altitude peaks of the Himalayas, like Chandra Parvat (6728 m), Kedar Dome (6830 m), Gangotri 2 (6590 m) and KR-5 (6249 m), to name a few. Till date Paresh Chandra has been a part of 13 successful mountain expeditions, among which he has been the leader in 10 occasions.

Paresh Chandra Nath – the disabled mountaineer from Durgapur

If Paresh Chandra succeeds in reaching the summit of Everest not only will he be the first from Durgapur to climb the Everest, he will also be the first physically challenged mountaineer from Bengal to conquer it. In fact no male Indian with disability has reached the top of the world’s highest peak so far.

Thus the news of Paresh Chandra, a man from Durgapur with disability attempting to conquer Everest is real big news for the people of Durgapur. But so far, the people of Durgapur have not shown any interest or enthusiasm about this daring attempt by a physically challenged mountaineer from Durgapur.

Paresh Chandra – a low profile man of Durgapur who earns his livelihood by doing tailoring job is dreaming to conquer Everest in spite of his twin disability. Yes, twin disability – the first disability is an amputated left wrist and the second disability is his financial condition.

When Durgapur Adda talked to Paresh Chandra for the first time, we were virtually awe-struck by his determination and courage. At no point of time did he sound doubtful about the fact that his physical disability can be a constraint in his mission of reaching the top of Everest. However he seemed to be in serious doubt about how to arrange the huge sum of money that is involved in such expeditions.

Durgapur Adda, the online news portal of Durgapur has taken up the cause of Paresh Chandra and helping him in every possible way to garner financial aid for this man who is all set to be the pride of Durgapur and Bengal in coming days.

The cost of the total expedition is in the range to INR 19 lakhs and the Youth services has sanctioned INR 5 lakhs; which makes Paresh Chandra short by INR 14 lakhs. But till now there has not been any breakthrough in gathering financial aid for this enterprising man.

Durgapur Adda is making an appeal to the people of Durgapur, Bengal and India to come forward with financial help for this man who is all set to attempt reaching the top of Everest in March this year. This is not just a personal mission of a man but for the entire community of physically challenged.

Please come forward to help Paresh Chandra in every possible way. To know more as to how you can help Paresh Chandra, contact him directly at his mobile number. His mobile number is: 9434250551.
You can also contact Durgapur Adda by sending a mail at:

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