Annual technical fest MUKTI at NIT Durgapur

NIT Durgapur will be holding its Annual Technical Fest, MUKTI from Saturday, 2nd February to Tuesday, February 05, 2013. The fest aims to promote free and open source software among students. Mukti 2013 is the annual national level technical symposium on GNU Linux and free and open source software. The fest will be held within the NIT Durgapur campus.
The fest intends to expand and contribute upon the unique concept of Open Source Programming, whereby everyone can contribute to the world in general and in increasing the computer literacy and tech awareness. Also, it gives a chance to make codes available for use of users all over the world. This is a major problem in economies that cannot afford proprietary software.

List of Events at Mukti 2013 Technical Fest in Durgapur:
•Codecracker-online coding competition
•ImaGIMP-poster making competition using GIMP
•FreeMEX-online stock stimulation event
•FreePL-online premier league event
•Behind the Scenes-guess the algorithm event
•Online Treasure Hunt-
•BrainMesh-web development event
•Lipi-translation event
•Hack the Code-deducing the code event

For more information and details contact:
Mr. Akash Jain (Coordinator)
Ph: 961659041
Tirtha Chatterjee
Jasneet Bhatti

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