Apparent honour killing incident near Durgapur


In an apparent case of honour killing, a youth was hacked to death in a coal-mine locality near Durgapur, yesterday morning. The incident created a sense disbelief and fear among local residents of Khottadihi Colliery near Durgapur, where the incident of cold blooded murder took place.

19 year old Vipin Yadav hailing from Khottadihi Colliery locality under Pandaveswar police station area was with friends the whole night of 8 April while taking part in ‘Ramnabami’ puja in the locality. According to police, Vipin had returned home in the early morning hours of April 9. Family members told the police that some of his friends had come to house and took him outside the house. He incidentally was with the same friends the whole night.


After almost two hours, the locals informed the family that Vipin’s body was found lying in the football ground with deep injuries in the left side of his neck.

Police investigations revealed that he was hit by a chopper from the back and succumbed on the spot.
Within few hours of the killing, Priya Ram, a girl of neighbouring Ramnagar locality attempted to commit suicide by consuming poison.

She was taken to police custody initially and then was referred to the hospital. Priya was Vipin’s fiancée.
The ADCP (East), Mr Sunil Yadav said: “The youth was involved in an affair with the girl and on inquiry we came to know that her brother, Akash never approved the youth’s relation with the girl.”

Police after initial investigation said: “It was a pre-planned murder. We have booked Akash, his father and his seven friends for interrogation.”

Police sources revealed that Akash hatched the plan of killing his sister’s fiancée as he felt that Vipin has cause harm to the reputation of the family.

This kind of cases of “honour killing” is something not very common in Bengal. Though in recent time, there has been a spate of honour killings in the country but Bengal has remained more or less untouched from this kind of heinous crime. However this incident near Durgapur is perhaps a signal and warning about our deteriorating society.

The Supreme Court had called for an end to customary practices which promote “honour killings”, saying the brutal tradition of parents killing their children to protect their so-called reputation is “barbaric” and “shameful”.

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