Auto rickhaw menace in Durgapur

Overloaded auto rickshaws plying at extreme high speed are a very common sight in Durgapur now-a-days. But some recent cases of accidents in auto rickshaw where overloading and limitless speed seems to be the main cause have raised several questions and concerns about the safety of the passengers. Concerned authorities have taken up the issue very seriously and is trying to have a control of the situation.

Overloaded auto-rickshaw on Durgapur road

With huge increase of population in last few years, CNG auto rickshaws became an important mode of transport for the people of Durgapur. This green coloured environmental friendly auto rickshaws soon became popular among the citizen of the industrial town of Durgapur. From the very beginning, routes were mapped for auto rickshaws which facilitates its fast popularity.
To have a control on the menace of rash driving, passenger overloading and flouting traffic rules, Police officials have been instructed to act sternly, by the administration. Several cases have already been registered against auto drivers in the city for overloading and violating traffic rules. However, its a fact that officials alone could not be blamed for the situation as citizens must also act in a responsible manner and ensure that overloading must not happen.
Auto rickshaw association are agitating against this police action. They termed that at several instances, Police have registered false cases against the. The Trinamool Congress affiliated, auto rickshaw union, have also raised questions about the overloading of mini buses and is further threatening of auto rickshaw strike in the twin town of Durgapur and Asansol.

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