Bus mishap near Illambazar kills five Durgapur residents

The fateful bus that fell in a ditch killing five Durgapur residents

Durgapur News Desk, 23 January 2017: In a major road accident near Ilambazar on the wee hours of yesterday, five Durgapur residents died and at least 40 others were grievously injured. The shocking news took the town by surprise and cast a shadow of gloom.

Some residents of MAMC colony in Durgapur hired a bus for a tour to Hazarduari and Tarapith on 21 January (Saturday). At around 2.30 a.m. the bus left with passengers from Tarapith. The accident occurred at around 3.45 a.m. the hired private bus went out of control at a sharp turn and fell into a roadside ditch at Uttarkona Village More under Illambazar Police Station. Due to extreme cold and fog at night, hardly anyone was there on the road. Poor visibility seems to be the primary reason behind the fatal accident.

Sound of crash and cry of the wounded, prompted the local villagers; who came to the accident spot and started rescue work immediately in spite of the chilling cold. Meanwhile, some of the injured also called their relative sin Durgapur on their mobile phones. A rescue bus also started from Durgapur.

“At around 4 a.m. we heard a loud sound and people crying. Though it was cold and dark, we rushed to the site. Five people has died on the spot,” said a resident of Uttarkona, Ramu Das.

While some of the injured were sent to the Bolpur Hospital, some others were taken to Durgapur Bidhan Nagar Sub-Divisional Hospital and a few were taken to a private super-specialty hospital in Bidhannagar.

The deceased have been identified as Kartik Mishra (45), his wife Santa Mishra (40), their daughter Pooja Mishra (17), Rahul Mahato (17) and Bharati Ghosh (38). The driver and the khalasi have also been injured in the crash. Most of the passengers suffered multiple injuries. The Illambazar Police has seized the bus.

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