Candle light vigil at Durgapur’s Juncion Mall on 24th Dec

Protesters taking to the street of Durgapur

The heinous act of crime that has shaken the entire nation has made its impact on the people of Durgapur as well. The gang rape of a 23 year old paramedic student in the national capital on last Sunday night has created a sense of insecurity among every Indians and has ignited a mass outrage. This entire week, demonstrations all over India have vociferously sought new laws that will provide harsher penalty for rapists.

A protesting girl at the Raisina Hills in New Delhi

Even the people of a small town like Durgapur has taken the protest to the streets shouting slogans demanding justice for the victim, immediate harshest of punishment for the accused and crying for safety for women. The slogan, “We want justice” which echoed every streets of the country, was heard here in Durgapur too. Echoed. A protest rally was organized by the youths of Durgapur on Saturday, 22nd December from Big Bazaar at City Centre at 11 am. A group of around hundred youths, mostly school and college students participated in a rally organized by initiatives of a few students and circulated through facebook and mobile phones. The group of youths voicing their anger rallied from Big Bazaar to the Chaturanga Ground where they discussed their next course of action. People of City Centre watched with astonishment, the march of these group of non-political youths rallying shouting slogan condemning the barbaric act at New Delhi.
What is most encouraging about this step by the youths of Durgapur, is their nationalistic feelings and sense of awareness. This kind of non-political movement powered by the youths does have a great deal of impact on the minds of the society.
Protesters at the Big Bazaar of City Centre, Durgapur

After a successful march on 22nd Dec, the youths have been encouraged in taking the next step to the protest through a CANDLE VIGIL. The candle light vigil will be held at the JUNCTION MAL between 5 pm to 7.30 pm, tomorrow, 24th December 2012.
The youths are taking the best of effort to make it a success so their voice reaches the administration at every level. Every one of us who loves and cares for our country and its women must make it at Junction Mall, tomorrow at 5 pm.

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