Catch meteor shower at Durgapur tonight

Durgapur will probably witness the most spectacular cosmic firework today at night. The Geminid meteor shower peaking on December 13th night before making its way into the wee hours of December 14th will be the most intense of such celestial activities, with rich fireworks visible from anywhere in the city. People of Durgapur should hardly miss the chance of seeing such spectacular cosmic firework.
Scientists opined that the Durgapur weather condition is just perfect to witness this grand celestial firework. Moreover since the moon will not appear very bright from the city and will set early, would provide the perfect scenario for watching the cosmic fireworks.
So durgapurians get prepared for a night-out in chill with eyes glued to the sky in the direction of Gemini constellation. If everything goes well sky gazers of Durgapur will see beautiful sight of numerous meteors, numbering 60-80 per hour, streaking across the night sky from Gemini constellation.

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