CITU attacked within Durgapur Steel Plant

In a major incident of violence within the factory premises of Duargpur Steel Plant (DSP), contractual workers and leaders of United Contractor’s Worker’s Union (affiliated under CITU) were allegedly beaten up by INTTUC members. This incident took place on 16th of November and is not the first of its kind, as on 10th September this year also INTTUC members were believed to have been involved in this kind of hooliganism, within the plant premises.
CITU alleged that about 25 men in motorbike, armed with steel rods suddenly attacked their members, when they were going to attend a meeting with the management of DSP regarding wages and other work related issues. General Secretary of UCWU, Mr. Subir Sengupta (popularly known as Laltu Sengupta) was badly beaten up along with 3 other contract workers. All the four were admitted in Mian Hospital of Durgapur. Though their conditions are stable now, but the incident has put a major question mark on the security system within the plant. How these armed men entered the factory premises is matter of great surprise and has put a major question mark on the law and order situation within the premises of DSP.
Though INTTUC denied these charges and said that their members were not involved in this kind of attack, but said that they too are aware of some bikers using their names and are trying to create a state of unrest within the factory. They also demanded that a enquiry must take place to bring out the truth.

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