CITU members arrested after supporters of INTTUC and CITU clashed near Durgapur

Clashes between CITU and INTTUC supporters at the Khash Kajora colliery near Durgapur resulted in the arrest of a CITU state committee member, his brother and 10 other members of the left labour front.

INTTUC supporters at the Kajora Colliery near Durgapur

Trouble broke out at the Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL) colliery, when Ramdaras Harijan, a miner with the colliery came to know that his attendance was not being registered for the past two days, in spite of being present at the workplace.

Mr. Harijan, a member with the INTTUC – a Trinamool Congress-backed labour arm alleged: “I was present for my job but the Attendance Clerk was not registering my duty since Sunday, which I was informed by the shift supervisor.”

When Mr. Harijan went to inquire about this at around 8.30 am, yesterday and was surprised on finding being marked absent and asked the clerk whether it was his mistake. The clerk – Mr. Vismadeo Nunia – a state committee member of the CITU, paid no heeds to this and allegedly warned Ramdaras.

The branch committee leaders and members of the INTTUC took the matter seriously and confronted Mr. Nunia and his aides. Members of the two labour front clashed with each other.

INTTUC’s branch secretary Mr. Tapas Sengupta, Ramdaras, Mr. Jamal Mian, Mr. Harok Konra and Mr. Ranjit Bhunia. were taken to ECL’s Kajora Hospital with head, shoulder and hand injuries.

Mr. Sengupta alleged: “Nunia has since long been causing inconvenience to the miners – especially the members with the INTTUC. He also claims bribes from the general mazdoors on the plea of maintaining regular attendance and Ramdaras’s case was another example of his dirty practices, which we went to protest and were attacked by his aides.”

After the INTTUC men were attacked, nearly 200 Trinamool Congress supporters raided the mine office and beat up Nunia and his brother Manoj – who runs a restaurant within the mine campus and had come to help rescue of his brother.

Police from Andal PS near Durgapur, on arrival after half an hour of the incident booked Nunia, his brother and 10 other CITU members.

The CPI-M’s zonal committee secretary, Mr. Toofan Mondal, however brought charges of political biasness against police and claimed, “Nunia was attacked by the Inttuc men as he refused to allow attendance of an absentee miner.”

The mine authority meanwhile formed a three-member inquiry committee to ascertain whether Nunia or Ramdaras were at fault.

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