Clash at Benachity Hindi school between students and outsiders

The bike which was set on fire during a clash at the Benachity Hindi High School in Durgapur

Durgapur News Desk, 06 November 2017: A clash occurred between a section of Class XI boys of Benachity Hindi High School, a government- aided Hindi medium school in Durgapur’s Benachity locality and outsiders after a student had been beaten up on the institution’s premises.

Informed sources said that the incident is a fallout of a triangular love affair involving a Class XI student and a Class XII student. Initially the clash which broke out outside the school premises between friends of the Class XI and XII students, soon become violent and moved inside the school.

The Class XI students set a motorbike parked outside the school on fire before police reached the spot and chased away the two warring groups.

The police said a group of outsiders had barged into Benachity Bharatiya Hindi High School around 2.30 pm during the recess and beat up Chottu Roy, a Class XI student. Chottu suffered an injury to the head. Two others belonging to the outsiders group also was injured.

“Outsiders whom we don’t know suddenly stormed into the school premises and dragged Roy out of his classroom. They kicked him and punched him all over the body. One of them also hit his head with a stick,” said a student requesting anonymity.

Seeing their classmate being beaten up by the outsiders, a section of his friends also attacked them with belts and a clash ensued.

Headmaster Samir Kumar De called off the classes after the incident. “I called the police as the situation was going out of control,” he said.

The injured student was taken to Durgapur sub divisional hospital where he received two stitches.

The assistant commissioner of police ( East), Bimal Kumar Mondal, said: “We have dispersed the warring groups and are investigating to find out the real culprits.” The motorbike allegedly set afire by the students.

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