Clashes between Trinamool supporters in Durgapur

Fight over taking control of 21 Bigha of unused land of Durgapur Steel Plant adjacent to a crematory in Durgapur resulted in muscle flexing, clashes and agitated demonstration among the supporters of TMC councillors of two separate wards under Durgapur Municipality Corporation, yesterday.

Agitation by TMC supporters in front of DMC office at City Cente in Durgapur

Yesterday (Monday), Trinamool councillor of ward no. 33, Hira Bouri demonstrated with residents of his wards and alleges that Trinamool councillor of ward no. 21 and Bodo Chairman, Chandan Saha and his supporters are creating disturbance in the Faridpur area under ward no. 33 which in turn is causing law and order problem in the area.

On Sunday morning, there was even a fight in the Faridpur crematory between the local residents and residents of 54 foot area. Local residents allege that they had been using the crematory from the inception, but in recent time residents of 54 foot area is prohibiting them from using the crematory. On Sunday, the residents of the two localities clashed with each other over the use of crematory and at last police had to intervene to control the situation.

On Sunday residents of Faridpur blocked the Faridpur Police Station on NH2 to protest the incident. Even traffic on NH2 came to a stand still for some time. Residents of 54 foot area blocked the Durgapur Police Station under the leadership of the local Trinamool councillor Chandan Saha.

Police on investigation came to know that the fight is actually over the 21 Bigha unused land of Durgapur Steel Plant (DSP) beside the crematory.Police has also came to know that recently there has been an effort to illegally lease the unused land of DSP.

Even local residents complain that two separate factions have been formed to take control of the land and lease it out. The two factions are being headed by two Trinamool councillors of Durgapur Municipality Corporation. Leading one of the factions is Chandan Sahaa, Trinamool councillor of ward no. 21 and Bodo Chairman, while the other faction is being led by Hira Bouri, the Trinamool councillor of ward no. 33. However, both the councillor denied charges that the clash has been over taking control of land.

On Monday, Hira Bouri the TMC councillor of ward no. 33 led a demonstration in front of the Durgapur Municipality Corporation office at City Centre. Residents of Faridpur and his supporters participated in the demonstration. Hira Bouri said that he will not tolerate any incident or action that is against the interest of the local residents of his ward, even if it is against his own party leaders.

Durgapur Mayor, Mr. Apurba Mukherjee said that he has received complain and assured that action will be taken after considering all aspects.

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