Confusion over two new St. Xaviers school at Durgapur

St. Xaviers at Bidhannagar of Durgapur

The St. Xavier’s School at Bidhannagar of Durgapur is undoubtedly the most prestigious and sought after boy’s school of Durgapur and its surroundings. Every year there is a huge rush seen among parents to get their wards admitted in the St. Xavier’s school. Taking advantage of the brand value of St. Xavier’s school, two new schools by the same name has started operation at two different places of Durgapur. This has created a sense of confusion among guardians and students in the city.
Getting admission in the Bidhannagar St. Xavier’s is considered a huge task because of a wide mis-match between the number of seats available and number of aspirants. Taking advantage of this situation, two new St. Xavier’s school has sprang up all of a sudden just before the start of the new academic year when admissions are taken. In the past two months two new St. Xavier’s High Schools under the CBSE curriculum have come up in an 8-km radius in Durgapur with each institution claiming individual authenticity and blaming the other one as fake.
The city of Durgapur has one St. Xavier’s High School at Bidgannagar under ICSE curriculum since the past 40 years. Now, a new St. Xavier’s High School have come up in Palashdiha beside City Centre, the administrative headquarters of Durgapur; and another by the same name has mushroomed in Sagarbhanga, near the Durgapur railway station. Both the new schools are claiming respective authenticity. They are also inviting open admission and recruiting teaching and non-teaching staff for their respective schools as well.
Meanwhile, the St. Xavier’s Educational & Charitable Trust, a statutory body which controls the operational activities of various St. Xavier’s schools of the eastern region, with its headquarters at Bhubaneswar in Orissa, issued a public notice on 15 February saying that the school opened at Palashdiha was genuine. The Sagarbhanga unit, as the authority mentioned, “is a feeder branch of its Bankura unit.” It is learnt that those behind the Sagarbhanga unit run a valid unit in Bankura, which according to the Bhubaneswar authority, “remains undisputed. But it was not allowed to run another unit in Durgapur in the name of feeder unit.”
The Burdwan district officials, meanwhile, have made it clear that no school would be allowed to operate as a sub-centre or a feeder counter of another affiliated school operating in another district. Mr. Onkar S Meena, DM, Burdwan, said: “It is ridiculous to learn that they have floated a feeder school without seeking approval or affiliation and are seeking mass admission of students. We will inquire into it.”
The state, meanwhile, has assigned the Director of School Education department to ensure whether any school is operating flouting government stipulations. Mr. Ranjit Singh, secretary of the Trust running the disputed Sagarbhanga school, said: “We didn’t require any approval from Bhubaneswar. They don’t have any right to distribute affiliation to anyone.” About the state and CBSE affiliation, Mr. Singh said: “We are yet to procure them.” The feeder unit, incidentally, has so far admitted more than 150 students.
Mr. P C Mohanty, director of the Trust, in an official release stated: “There are many unscrupulous elements in Durgapur city trying to take advantage of our registered brand name and creating confusion among parents and guardians by opening schools in the name of St. Xavier’s High School.” It also stated: “The parents need to be vigilant at the time of admission of their wards.” Mr. Mohanty said: “The school operating in Palashdiha is authentic and the other one is fake and we will take action against the offender soon.” Mr. G S Pattanaik, MD of the Trust, said: “We’re embarrassed with the present situation there. It deserves immediate intervention and the issue would be sorted out by the end of February.”
Mr. Sunil Mondal, secretary of the Trust running the Palashdiha unit, said: “We feel embarrassed as another unit has started operating without approval and they are trying to lower the prestige of the parent body. We have sought an intervention by the Orissa authority.”
What papers from the whole incidence is that the valid Bankura unit of St. Xavier’s, being lured by the huge demand of St. Xavier’s among the students and guardians of Durgapur and its surrounding has opened up a unit in Durgapur as well, simply to make good business. Now this is to be seen as to how the matter is sorted out and how the administration handles this effort of using school as money spinners. Activities like this will not only put the brand value of St. Xavier’s into a question mark but will also make a scratch mark among guardians and students in the city long aspiring for an education hub tag.

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  1. St xavier's national school sagarbhanga is the most worst school in durgapur ...Teachers quality is sooooo. circumference. Of education. ..

  2. Its good to hear .... only thing to watch out for is the qualitative factor.... I would like to see parents feeling proud of their kids coming out as good citizens from schools.. But sadly enough... merchandizing of studies seems to be the top agenda these days...
    Good post !! Well written...


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