Controversy over marriage party at Durgapur House

Marriage party at Durgapur House

A news report from Durgapur by the Statesman news service has created a sense of dis-belief and astonishment among the residents and workers of Durgapur Steel Plant (DSP). According to the news agencies report, Durgapur House, which has been the host of the likes of Queen Elizabeth II, Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, Dr Rajendra Prasad, state governors, chief ministers and many more was yesterday reduced to being the venue of a marriage function. The marriage, held yesterday evening, was that of the son of the CEO, Durgapur Steel Plant, Mr. P K Singh.

Marriage party pandal of CEO DSP’s son at Durgapur House

Durgapur Steel Plant – a Steel Authority of India Limited subsidiary – owns Durgapur House, which was originally built to accommodate Queen Elizabeth-II during her visit to the steel city in the 1960s. Dr Rajendra Prasad, the country’s first President when came to the city for the inauguration of ‘Durga’ – the first Blast Furnace of DSP, stayed at the guesthouse.
Durgapur House hasn’t been rented out ever for marriage functions earlier. However, a part of the guesthouse, which has been let out to private operators to run a restaurant and a bar, was used for the marriage function. However, two giant pandals were erected on the wide gardens of the Durgapur House on the occasion of the marriage party of the son of Durgapur CEO. The bamboo framework of the pandals encroaches on the VVIP lounge, which has triggered a controversy. An existing barrier separating the let-out section from the main portion of the guest-house has also been removed.
Durgapur Steel Plant’s public relations department claimed in a tersely worded statement: “No marriage function was arranged in Durgapur House,” which is belied by the arrangements that were made over the past three days.
The CEO, DSP, Mr. Singh himself said today: “No marriage function is supposed to be allowed at Durgapur House.” Asked why his son’s marriage function was arranged there, he refused to make any further comment and hung up.

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