CPI(M) party office at Durgapur ransacked

Ransacked party office of CPI(M) at Durgapur

The City Centre area of Durgapur witnessed massive act of hooliganism yesterday. Trinamool Congress supporters armed with revolvers and swords allegedly ransacked the CPI(M) zonal committee office, Bimal Dasgupta Bhaban at City Centre, Durgapur. Apart from manhandling the leaders and party members present in the office at that time, including the Durgapur MP, Saidul Haque, they also vandalized the party office of CPI (M).

CPI (M) party office of City Centre Durgapur ransacked

Report says that trouble erupted when Trinamool activists tried to disrupt the governing body election of the Mahila (women’s) Co-operative Bank which was going on yesterday at the Vidyasagar High School in City Centre. Trinamool could field only nine (09) candidates of the 46 seats and polling was going on for this 9 seats. Initially, at around 1 PM, Asha Pramanik, a women Trinamool supporter tried to prevent voters from entering the polling station. Policemen present there intervened but Pramanik allegedly scuffled with the lady constables present there. After this, Trinamool Youth wing block president, Raju Chatterjee came along with 10 others and entered the polling station without any hindrance from the policemen present there. Although, the policemen present there were not supposed to allow anyone from entering the polling station other than valid voters. But that didn’t happened and armed Trinamool supporters entered the polling station without being stopped by the police who were present there as guards.

CPI (M) MP of Durgapur – Saidul Haque

Meanwhile, another group of 20 to 25 Trinamool activists attacked the CPI (M) zonal committee office, Bimal Dasgupta Bhaban, situated at the heart of the City Centre off Durgapur and merely 500 meters away from the school where the election was taking place. The Trinamool activists were armed with swords and revolvers. They overturned chairs and tables, destroyed important documents and hit several party members and supporters including women present at the party office at that time. MP Saidul Haque of the CPI (M) who was present at the party office at that time was also not spared.
Police resorted to baton charge to disperse the Trinamool activists. Raju Chatterjee and Asha Pramanik were both arrested. However Trinamool denied all charges.
The result of the election was out by the evening. CPI (M) candidates won convincingly. Of the 9 seats for which election was held, 6 went to the CPI (M) candidates.

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