CPI(M) General Secretary Prakash Karat visits Durgapur

On the occasion of 50th year of Hindustan Steel Employees Union (HSEU), Com. Prakash Karat, General Secretary of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) was present in the seminar organized at the Srijani Hall at City Centre. The seminar was organized by HSEU Durgapur unit on 17th January 2011. The full packed house and large crowd outside the hall, who watched Com. Karat speak says about the inherent Left Mind of the people of this Steel City. The day was also the 1st death anniversary of Com. Joyti Basu.

Prakash Karat delivering his speech at Srijani Hall, Durgapur

Com. Karat started his speech by describing Com Joyti Basu as the “Champion of the working class”. Expressing his ardent respect and gratitude to the long history of struggle of the people of Durgapur, he made it clear that it is stands as an example for the rest of the country. Throughout his speech, Com. Karat emphasized and explained the potential threat of Neo-Liberal Capitalism. In his long speech he explained that the “Global Economic Crisis” of 2008, from which America, the most powerful of the Capitalist country is yet to recover fully speaks highly of the threats of this neo-liberal capitalism.
He urged the workers of Durgapur to lead the struggle against this neo-liberal capitalism that the UPA Government has banked upon. He emphasized on the need for an alliance between the working class and the farmers. Throughout his long and emphatic speech, Com Karat touched various aspects like the spiraling price rise, concentration of wealth in fewer hands, privatization, bribery, suicide by farmers and many others.
In the morning he visited B.T.Randive Bhavan at Vidyasagar Avenue in the Steel Township, which is the headquarter of the Hindustan Steel Employees Union. There he met with several office bearers and party colleagues.

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