CPM in Durgapur barred from collecting funds for Uttarakhand

In this era of change in Bengal, Durgapur witnessed politics even in the issue of providing relief and aid for the flood victims of Uttarakhand. Supporters and members of the CPI(M) alleged yesterday, they were obstructed by Trinamool men from conducting door-to-door collection of funds for the Uttarakhand disaster in different areas of Durgapur town.

CPI(M) supporters collecting funds for Uttarakhand flood victims

This unprecedented news of Durgapur may not have been covered by national media, but is undoubtedly a serious and shameful incident which once again points to the deterioration in humanity.

The CPI(M) brought the charges at a Press conference, yesterday saying: “Despite incessant rains, our party men had brought out teams to collect disaster relief funds and were getting overwhelming response. This irked the ruling party members.”

Mr. Santosh Debroy, Secretary of the CPI(M)’s Durgapur 1A zonal committee, said: “Our men were attacked in localities falling beside Nagarjuna Road, Bharati Road, Joydeb Road, one after another by bike-borne culprits led by the Trinamool Congress. A former zonal committee president of the DYFI was attacked and assaulted by armed Trinamool men. We were virtually forced to stop the collection.”

Employees of SAIL’s Durgapur Steel Plant and Alloy Steels Plant reside in these localities, which are regarded as the CITU’s stronghold.

Mr Debroy said: “Our collection was stopped by their muscle flexing. We are going to lodge a complaint with the local PS this evening.”

The ADCP (East), Asansol Durgapur Police, however, said: “The party didn’t lodge any official complaint yet. However, we are inquiring into the matter.”

District Trinamool Congress president and Mayor of Durgapur Muicipality Corporation, Apurba Mukherjee said: “The CPI(M), failing to get adequate response from residents, are trying to dramatise the matter and making it an issue with a political motive.”

The SAIL plants, meanwhile, have declared that the plant employees will donate a day’s wage to help with Uttarakhand relief.

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  1. go hard at those cowards..manusher jat noi ogulo...just dhore pedani dile sab thik hoye jabe..


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