DAYA celebrates Aranya Saptaha in four Durgapur schools

Bijra Primary School students planting saplings as a part of 'Aranya Saptaha' celebration

Durgapur News Desk, 19 July 2017: Durgapur Adda Young Association (DAYA), the social welfare organisation formed by the members of ‘Durgapur Adda’ facebook group in 2015, observed ‘Aranya Saptaha’ (Forestation Week) in four different schools of Durgapur, beginning from 14 July 2017.

On 14 July, DAYA members after a brief interaction with the students of the Durgapur Steel Carmel School encouraged them to plant saplings inside the school premises. Students of Class VI to X were given responsibility so that they water and nourish each of the baby plant till they become a full-grown tree.

On 17 July, as a part of ‘Aranya Saptaha’ celebration DAYA organised sapling plantation programme at Bidhannagar Government Sponsored Boys High School adjacent to Durgapur Sub Divisional Hospital. In the beginning, on behalf of DAYA, its secretary Rajesh Sen while interacting with the students of the school, pointed out that carbon-di-oxide being the most deadly pollutant causing global warming, we as a responsible citizen can only save the planet by planting more and more trees, as only tree has the capability to transform harmful carbon-di-oxide gas into life-saving oxygen. The saplings planted inside the school premises was given a bamboo fencing, so as to save the plants from grazing animals.

On 18 July, DAYA celebrated ‘Aranya Saptaha’ at Bijra Primary School and Bijra High School. The enthusiasm among the primary school students about planting saplings is perhaps a ray of glimmering hope in saving our planet. Addressing the students of Bijra High School, DAYA secretary brought to the notice of the students that as an individual, we hardly can do much to stop pollution. He said that if you ask anyone not to use electrical machines like refrigerator or air conditioner or washing machine, he will call you mad; so instead of doing that why not convert the harmful carbon-di-oxide that is added to the environment by electricity producing power plants into oxygen by planting trees who are capable of doing it?

The three-day programme was aimed primarily to create awareness among young minds about the need to plant more and more trees, save trees and stop tree felling, said DAYA president Dr. Samir Ranjan Bhowmik.

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