DAYA pay Shraddhanjali to humanity by giving away new cloth

New cloth being distributed among Slum Dwelling elderly women

Durgapur News Desk, 28 September 2017: Today happens to be ‘Maha Ashtami’, an auspicious day of the four-day long Durga Puja. Hardly would you find any Bengali men or women who have not offered ‘Pushpanjali’ (offering prayer to Devi Durga tossing flowers at Devi’s feet chanting mantras with the piest) on this very day at some point in his or her life.

Members of Durgapur-based social welfare organisation, Durgapur Adda Young Association (DAYA) chose this very day to show respect for humanity. DAYA organised new cloth giving ceremony, ‘Shraddhanjali’ at three different slum areas in and around Durgapur town.

At first DAYA members went to the ‘Pakmara Colony’ in Kururia Danga adjacent to A-Zone of Durgapur Steel Township and distributed new Saris among women and new dresses among the children there. Then the team went to the Dashir Bandh locality in Raghunathpur adjacent to Durgapur Steel Township and distributed new Sari among women and new dresses among children. From there the team of DAYA members went to Sagarbhanga Colony and distributed new Saris among the poor elderly women there.

Sweets were distributed among all those present there.

Two days prior to this, a team of DAYA members surveyed all the three places and made a list of people eligible (or best suited) to receive this small token of respect and gratitude.

DAYA, which is not an NGO has done numerous social activities since 15 August 2015 to bring some sort of smile in the faces of the downtrodden masses. Donations from well wishers and members’ subscription are the only two sources of revenue for DAYA.

From this year end, DAYA is taking a new initiative to nurture and nourish the meritorious students of Clas V from economically poor families, under a new project “SINCHON”. The entire responsibility of these students, starting from schooling, fooding, lodging and providing all other amenities to make them a social conscious man with a rational outlook will be the responsibility of DAYA. These students will be under the umbrella of DAYA till they pas out Class XII.


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