Death of a worker in DSP

May Day bears a special and unique significance for Durgapur, the industrial town of Bengal. Like every year arrangements were made for the celebration of May Day in this industrial hub. But the news, that an accident in Durgapur Steel Plant (DSP) has killed a worker created an atmosphere of gloom all around.

Steel Melting Shop of DSP

Some Mrinal Kolay while doing a wielding job in an overhead crane at casting area of the Steel Melting Shop of Durgapur Steel Plant went off-balance; fell down when this crane was pushed by another crane by mistake. He was immediately smashed by the second crane which hit the first crane crane, which was standing. He succumbed to death immediately
Agitated workers stopped production in the Steel Melting Shop (SMS) and didn’t allowed the dead body to be taken away, unless the highest authority of DSP gave written commitment that next-to-kin of the dead worker will be given a job immediately, apart from other statutory benefits that the family of the dead worker Is due to get according to the industrial labour law.
Normal production in SMS started only after five hours. All the three unions of the plant played a very positive role and keeping aside their differences resort to give maximum and immediate benefits to the family of the dead worker.

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