Demonstration by Durgapur Women’s college students

Durgapur Women's College students staging protest demonstration

Students of Durgapur Women’s college staged demonstration at Durgapur police station to protest the recurrence of incidents of theft inside the college premises. The college principal Madhumita Jajodia lead the protest demonstration.

Durgapur Women’s college sources said that at least two incidents of theft occur every month in the college. Liquor bottles are often seen lying here and there inside the college premises. Even on Monday when the college opened, it was observed that some equipment from the College Gymnasium has been stolen.

Durgapur Women’s College students staging protest demonstration

Angry over these repeated incidents of theft, college principal accompanied by some hundred students went to Durgapur police station and staged protest demonstration against such nuisances.

TMCP (Trinamool Chatra Parishad) members accompanied the principal with their party flags. The agitating students said that earlier too, several valuable items have been stolen from the college, but the police have failed to nab any culprit yet.

General Secretary of the college student union at Durgapur Women’s college, Chandni Singh said that police officials have assured to take immediate action on the matter. She however said that if police fails to nab the culprits and stop the recurrence of incidents of theft, they will embark on a bigger protest demonstration.

College Principal Madhumita Jajodia said that though there are two guards at the college, but the repeated incidents of theft clearly points out that two guards are not sufficient to protect such a large college campus. She said that as it is not possible to recruit more private guards due to financial constraints, she have sought police help over the matter.

Durgapur Women’s college affiliated to Burdwan University does have a large college campus. This exclusive college for the women fraternity offers undergraduate courses.

Police sources said that they have started a probe and are hopeful of nabbing the thieves soon.

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