DMC deserves special thanks

The road running from Gandhi More of Durgapur via Durgapur House and extending to Carmel School and beyond is one of the busiest roads of the town.  Almost throughout the day the road carries a busy traffic. This particular road has been very accident prone and in recent months quite a number of accidents have occurred on this road.

Road construction in full swing

National Institute of Technology (NIT) and Women’s College of Durgapur and Carmel School are the three premier educational institutes located on this road. Moreover this road is one of the most used entry points for traffics entering the city of Durgapur from National Highway 2 (NH2). All Alloy Steel Plant (ASP) bound vehicles from Steel town has to use this road. Not only that all traffics from Steel township opting to enter Durgapur Steel Plant (DSP) through Gate No 2 has to use this road by default.
Durgapur Municipality Corporation (DMC) has recently taken initiatives to make the road wide in front of Women’s College, which is the most accident prone section of this road. Work is going on in full swing and the road will be double in width than it is at present. Special care has been taken by the authority so that traffic does not get disturbed and safety aspects do not get compromised. For this entire sensible act Durgapur Municipality Corporation deserves special thanks. To see that the safety of its citizen has not been undermined in any way is something which shows that the authority cares for its people.

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2 Comments on DMC deserves special thanks

  1. I thought the road was being built by DSP and not DMC...?? The upkeep, maintenance and expansion of roads inside the township are under the aegis of SAIL, Durgapur Steel Plant... how is DMC contributing please??

  2. We, at Durgapur, appreciate the efforts taken by DMC in this regard. But there are many crossings, such as Gandhi More crossing, DVC crossing and Bhringhi crossing, which are vulnerable to motor accidents resulting in deaths or disablement. Proper manning by Traffic Police, building road bumps or over-bridges at/near these crossings can help lessen undue misery to people caused by speeding two-wheelers, trucks or heavy vehicles.


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