DPL INTTUC leader accused of assaulting Durgapur doctor

Durgapur Mission Hospital

General Secretary (GS) of INTTUC at the state-owned Durgapur Project Limited (DPL) has once again been accused of assaulting, threatening and extortion. This time Mission Hospital – the private super-specialty hospital of Durgapur – has lodged a complaint at the New Township Police Station against the INTTUC leader.

Mr Debdas Majumdar, the INTTUC GS at the state-run power utility company DPL, had gone to the outpatients department of The Mission hospital in Bidhannagar locality of Durgapur for treatment yesterday (December 20) morning.

According to Mr Majumdar, Dr Rajarshee Mukherjee was supposed to attend him at 9 a.m. which was conveyed to him the earlier day from Mission Hospital.

The physician, however, arrived late at 10 a.m, which annoyed the leader and he allegedly abused the doctor and threatened him with dire consequences.

Mr. Probir Mukherjee, CEO of the hospital, in his complaint at the New Township police station of Durgapur stated: “He (Mr. Majumdar) misbehaved with the chairman, MD and CEO of the hospital, demanded Rs 10,000 as ‘waiting charges’ and also issued threats.”

Prior to lodging complaint at the police station, the hospital authorities had also complained to the state agriculture minister, Mr. Moloy Ghatak.

The hospital authorities alleged that one of Mr. Majumdar’s aides who was accompanying the INTTUC leader also misbehaved with and abused the senior officials of the hospital.

The incident created an environment of noise and ruckus in the hospital area causing disturbance to the patients and their families. Even the doctors panicked at such unwanted incident and normal activities in the hospital got affected causing inconvenience for everyone present.

State INTTUC President Dola Sen expressed her displeasure over the incident. Even the Bardhaman district INTTUC President Prabhat Chattopadhyay met the hospital authority latar in the day, and expressed his party’s discontentment and disapproval on the matter.

Meanwhile, Mr Gautam Banerjee, Mr Majumdar’s assistant, who was accompanying the INTTUC leader to the hospital lodged a counter-complaint with the New Township police station bringing counter-charges of misconduct against the hospital authorities.

Mr Majumdar latar said: “I have explained everything to my senior political colleagues.”

The same DPL INTTUC leader has earlier been accused of threatening and assaulting his INTUC counterpart Mr Dibyendu Banerjee, leaders of other factions of INTTUC at DPL and even MD of DPL.

ADCP (East) Mr. Sunil Yadav has said that a probe has been initiated on the matter.

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