DSP executives-union leaders heckled over acute water crisis

Injured Baburam Sharma, the HSEU office bearer at Durgapur Steel Plant

Durgapur News Desk, 7 May 2017: Since Saturday afternoon, residents of the Durgapur Steel Township are facing acute water shortage. Scorching summer heat has aggravated the misery of the people.

Development of crack at the major pipelines near Gandhi More crossing, which supplies water to the Steel Township from the water treatment plant is responsible for the water crisis, said DSP’s chief communications officer, Chinmoy Samajdar.

DSP officials said the residents of the township had been informed about the repair of the pipelines and the intermittent water supply resulting from it. They however sounded hopeful of restoring normal water supply by Monday afternoon.

Mr. Sankha Santra, the additional district magistrate (development). Visited the site where the repair work has been going on. He urged the CEO of Durgapur Steel Plant to look over the water crisis with utmost importance and restore water supply as early as possible.

Today afternoon, when the DSP management was holding talks with the trade union representatives over supply of water to the Steel Township, around 30-35 people barged into the hall where the meeting was taking place and held General Manager, Gautam Saha by the collar and pushed him to the wall. One CITU office bearer, Baburam Sharma and two of the general manager’s deputies were also heckled and abused.

Later, Baburam Sharma with injuries on head and complain of severe chest pain had to be admitted at the Main Hospital of the Durgapur Steel Plant.

GM, Gautam Saha lodged an FIR at Durgapur police station.

The steel plant’s chief communications officer, Chinmoy Samajdar, said: “We have lodged an FIR at Durgapur police station against four of our employees and some others for physically assaulting our GM and two DGMs.”

The inspector in charge of Durgapur police station, Tirthendu Ganguly, said: “We have received a complaint and started investigation.”

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