Durgapur Adda Young Association celebrate Environment Day

School Children under the initiative of Durgapur Adda Young Association raised their voice for a “Plastic Free World”

Durgapur News Desk, 06 June 2017: Durgapur Adda Young Association celebrated the United Nation designated “World Environment Day” yesterday with school children, who are supposed to be our future decision makers.

In the morning, students of several Durgapur schools, under the initiative of Durgapur Adda Young Association visited the “Chandidas Market” in B-Zone locality of the Durgapur Steel Township to make the people along with the shop owners, aware about the harmful effects of using “Plastic Carry Bags”.

Awareness programme under the initiative of Durgapur Adda Young Association to make students of Durgapur conscious about Environment pollution, its affect and how to protect the world

The children rallied and raised their voice for a “Plastic Free World”. Students on their own approached common men and women who were there in the market at that point of time and urged them not to use plastic carry bags. They even tried to convince the shop owners not to use plastic carry bags and go for cloth bags.

In the evening Durgapur Adda Young Association organised an awareness programme followed by an unconventional quiz competition with participants from students of seven schools of Durgapur. The theme of the awareness programme was “Know and Protect Your Environment”. The aim was basically to help young minds understand the menace of pollution so that they can raise their voice for a Pollution Free world. The programme was held at the “Children’s Academy Hall” in C-Zone of Steel Township.

The whole programme was conducted by Dr. Subhasish Mukhopadhyay, the eminent retired Physics professor of Calcutta University and who has been associated with environment movements for the last three decades.

There were prizes for all the participants. The team from Steel Carmel School was winners, while the team from St. Michaels’ School came runners.

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