Durgapur Adda Young Association celebrate Women’s Day

Durgapur Adda Young Association felicitated these Durgapur women for their contribution to Durgapur and its people on the occasion of "International Women's Day"

Durgapur News Desk, 09 March 2017: Durgapur Adda Young Association (DAYA), the social welfare organisation having its origin from the Facebook group ‘Durgapur Adda’ celebrated “INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY” yesterday, among economically weak slum dwelling women adjacent to HFC Factory Gate adjacent to Muchipara in Durgapur.

76 women above 30 years of age were provided with Free Medical Checkup along with necessary medicines, Blood Sugar Test, Eye Checkup and ECG (when and where needed).

Free Health Checkup Camp organised by Durgapur Adda Young Association on the occasion of International Women’s Day

A health awareness programme to make women conscious on how to stay healthy was also held alongside. Two eminent Durgapur doctors, Dr. Alok Sanyal and Dr. Jhelum Mukherjee were the guest speaker in this Health Awareness programme. While Dr. Mukherjee basically emphasized on the symptoms of potential medical threats, Dr. Sanyal highlighted how one can stay healthy following some basic steps.

Durgapur Adda Young Association felicitated as many as six Durgapur Women for their contribution to Durgapur and its people.

Dr. Samir Ranjan Bhowmik, the president of Durgapur Adda Young Association while speaking at the occasion said, “DAYA believes that women are the one who can take more active steps in changing the world into a better place to live in.”

Those who were felicitated included Madhumita Jajodia, Shiuli Mukherjee, Kaushiki Ghatak, Tania Chatterjee, Anindita Banerjee and Anima Chakraborty.

Madhumita Jajodia, the principal of Durgapur Women’s College has also earned a name for herself by having a social face as well. She and her husband is behind the Durgapur-based NGO, SAHAS (Speech And Hearing Action Society) which has been doing commendable job with oral rehabilitation of hearing impaired children. The organisation upholds the motto of giving deafness a voice. While speaking at the occasion after being felicitated, Jajodia expressed her gratitude towards DAYA and voiced her love for the city by saying, “I am a proud Durgapurian”.

Kaushiki Ghatak, a teacher of Carmel School at Durgapur Steel Township, was felicitated for virtually being a one-woman army in protecting the environment of Durgapur, known for its unbound pollution. For the last 10 years, she has been planting trees and trees almost everywhere in the town. Her attitude towards her passion becomes clear when she, while speaking at the occasion says, “We must not forget that we are here because of plants. Without them the mechanism of converting carbon-di-oxide thrown out by human being into oxygen, so necessary for our survival won’t be there. So we must plant trees for our own benefit.

Tania Chatterjee, head teacher of Dhabani Primary School in Durgapur was felicitated for her relentless fight against any kind of social injustice against women.

Anindita Banerjee, currently a teacher with DAV Model School in Durgapur was felicitated for being the only Durgapur women who represented Bengal Badminton team in several National games in early ‘90s.

Anima Chakraborty, was awarded for her contribution in promoting ‘Eye Donation’ after death and thereby eradication of blindness. Presently the Vice President of Durgapur Blind Relief Society, Anima Chakraborty is one of its founder members.

Siuli Mukherjee was chosen for the award for her contribution in making Durgapur an ‘Educational Hub’. Her first private venture DSMS, opened the gate of scope for other private educational institutes to come and set up schools, colleges and educational institutes in Durgapur. Though she couldn’t attend the programme for her pre-engagement, she expressed her thanks for the award and sought apology for not being able to make it to personally accept the award.

Five elderly slum dwelling women, who rarely gets a chance to step into a dais, were chosen by DAYA to hand over the awards to all the five awardees present in the function.

There was arrangement for lunch for all those who attended the Free Health Checkup Camp and also the award winners.

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