Durgapur celebrates New Year with a bash


City Centre, Durgapur’s very own expanse of fun and fiesta sprung to life to welcome the New Year with grand extravaganza. A week after it had been swarmed by revelers on Christmas, Durgapur welcomed the New Year with customary fanfare. Thousands of Durgapur residents thronged the Junction Mall, Dreamplex shopping mall, Suhatta shopping mall and the several hotels at City Centre to soak in New Year celebration.

There were elaborate arrangements to usher in the New Year in a grand fashion with hotels bringing in celebrity DJs, famous chefs, singers and dancers to make the night a memorable one for partygoers. There were long queues to get an entry in the Durgapur hotels and be a part of the party all night. Many had to depart as entry tickets became scarce.
The crowd started building up much before the evening. As the hours passed by, revelry picked up, reaching a climax at the stroke of the midnight hour. Thousands walked down the pavements, making merry and soaking in the festive spirit. The city of Durgapur celebrated much after midnight to welcome the New Year.

It seemed as if the whole of Durgapur had descended at City Centre on New Year eve. There was maddening rush in all the shopping malls and hotels. As the crowd thickened, traffic movement slowed down as well. The restaurants, however, were happy with the turnout as footfall remained high throughout the evening. Long queues were seen outside restaurants till well past midnight.

The Bidhannagar locality of Durgapur was not far behind in welcoming the New Year. All the restaurants of Bidhannagar made extravagant arrangements which included DJ nights, cultural programmes and exotic cuisine. Festivities continued past the stroke of midnight at the hotels and restaurants.

City Residency Hotel in Durgapur’s City Centre, keeping its trend intact hired dancers from United Kingdom. Sarovar Portico of Durgapur’s City Centre also arranged DJ nights. Junction Mall saw the largest footfall of the year. There was virtually not even a square metre of area lying vacant.

Asansol Durgapur police made tight security arrangements. There were reports of traffic jam but not the kind Durgapur’s City Centre witnessed on December 25. Fortunately there have been no reports of eve teasing as well; thanks to the police vigil.

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