Durgapur to host sweet festival next month

Sweet festival in Durgapur

The industrial town of Durgapur will continue to remain in festive mood even after the Christmas and New Year eve gets over. A two-day long ‘Misti Mela’ or sweet festival in the first week of January 2014 will give the people of Durgapur another reason to cheer and celebrate the taste of a varieties of sweets to be brought together during the fiesta.

The two-day sweet festival slated to be inaugurated on 4 January will house traditional Bengali sweets originating from different South Bengal districts. “A total of 35 confectioners from across the districts will take part in the fair where famous traditional sweets like Mihidana and Sitabhog from Burdwan, Langcha from Shaktigarh, Sarpuria and Sarbhaja of Krishnagar, Raskadambo of Malda will be prepared on the spot and the visitors to the fair will be able to get the taste of real Bengal sweets,” said Mrs Anindita Mukherjee, councillor, Durgapur Municipal Corporation and Chairperson of the Misti Utsav Committee while talking to media yesterday.

Mrs Mukherjee further informed: “The shops will be set up using traditional straw and bamboo to give them the look of rural roadside shops and they will be illuminated with conventional lanterns.”

Sweet festival in Durgapur

Also conventional sweets like Kadma of Mankar, Byom of Madhaigunj hot Jelebi of Andal and Tantipara near Suri in Birbhum besides sponge rosogolla of Khandra near Andal, Machya of Beliatore and Monda of Barjora will be prepared and sold to the visitors of the Durgapur sweet festival.

Burdwan district administration, meanwhile, has initiated work for geographical identification and protection of Burdwan’s own sweets, which according to the DM, Burdwan, Dr Soumitra Mohan, would soon hit international markets, besides ensuring a major command in domestic markets.

The Burdwan DM held a meeting on 10 December with 30 confectioners which prepare Langcha and Mihidana and Sitabhog for the purpose of giving a new lease of life to the traditional sweets. Mr N Natarajan, Assistant Director, Indian Institute of Packaging also attended the meeting where he suggested modern packaging for the sweets.

According to the confectioners, the Durgapur sweet festival would accelerate the process of giving international exposure to the traditional sweets of South Bengal, as Durgapur is centrally located in South Bengal and acts as a pivotal junction for the entire region.

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