Durgapur Jai Balaji workers protests non-receipt of salaries


Workers of a private steel plant in Durgapur erupted in protest yesterday over non-payment of salaries for the past four months.

Around two hundred workers of Jai Balaji Industries Limited demonstrated yesterday (January 2), in front of the factory gate at Durgapur’s Sagabhanga locality complaining of non-receipt of salary for the last four months. However this is not the first time that Jai Balaji workers have complained and agitated against non-payment of salaries. In July last year too, there had been protest by the workers on the same issue.

At around 10 am yesterday, about two hundred Jai Balaji workers gathered at the factory gate of Jai Balaji and started protest agitation demanding immediate regularization of payment with arrears. They shouted slogans, but kept the production of the unit going.


After sometime a group of selected workers entered inside the factory premises to put their demand in front of the management. Their also agitation continued for an hour. The section of the management present in the factory said that they have informed the higher management about the demand of the workers.

Jai Balaji workers complained that for the last two years their payment has been getting irregular. In the beginning they used to get salaries by the 10th of every month, which later shifted to 20th of the month. For the last four months they are not getting their salaries, however the production is in full swing.

Management of Jai Balaji has pointed towards the fact that the profit of the factory is in decline as demand for steel in both global and domestic market has declined in the past few years. However the price of raw materials for steel making has gone up considerably, which has affected the profitability of the company in a negative way.

However the management has requested the workers to be patient and bear in this time of hardship and keep the production going.

The protest agitation of Jai Balaji workers continued for two hours and ended after the local management assured to put up the issue in proper platform.

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