Durgapur job agency officials detained for false CBI job promise


Durgapur police on yesterday arrested three persons on charges cheating with false promises of job in Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). The stunning revelation came into the fore after Durgapur police acted on a complaint lodge by a person named Saroj Kumar Sharma.

The three arrested persons were said to have opened a job agency at Durgapur’s City Centre. From the office of the agency police have seized many important documents and a computer. Police sources said that some of the documents that were seized have in writing the money required for jobs in organizations like Rail, Postal Department, BSNL, Bank and even private IT companies.


In a written complaint with the police, Saroj Kumar Sharma claimed that in 2012 he has paid rupees 1.5 lakhs to the Durgapur based job agency for a confirmed job in CBI as assistant sub-inspector. Sharma was even given an appointment letter for the above mentioned post duly signed by some Bhaskar Chowdhury whose designation has been shown as an IPS officer in the letter. After which Saroj Kumar was asked to report at Patna for medical test.

Following the instruction of the job agency Saroj Kumar went to Patna and stayed in a hotel. But his medical test was not taken and he was asked to return back by the same agency. This raised doubts in his mind and he sensed some irregularity in the whole episode. He demanded the money back which he paid for the job of the assistant sub-inspector in CBI.

The job agency agreed to return back the money. But the job agency officials gave Sharma dates after dates and false promises of returning back the money which never happened in reality.

On Monday Saroj Kumar again went to the office of the job agency in city centre of Durgapur and claimed immediate refund of the money. This time he was not alone; some of his friends also accompanied him.

The job agency sensing trouble gave him a cheque of INR 1.3 lakhs. At this point police arrived and arrested two staff and the manager of the job agency.

Manager of the Durgapur job agency Harendra Kumar Mishra however refuted the charges and claims that he took the sum of 1.5 lakhs from Saroj Kumar as personal loan only and it has nothing to do with job. On speaking about the appointment letter which Saroj Kumar has received, Mishra expressed ignorance and claimed that the appointment was given by a Jamshedpur based job agency.

Police said that the three have detained and interrogation is going on to find out if there is involvement of a large job racquet in the incident.

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