Durgapur MLA of TMC heckled by rival faction supporters

Infighting within Trinamool Congress took an ugly shape yesterday (13/09/2013) as party MLA of Durgapur was manhandled allegedly by the supporters of the rival faction of Trinamool. The incident not only puts into question the law and order situation in the state but also points to the repeated occurrence of internal strife within Trinamool Congress.

Nikhil Banerjee – Durgapur (East) MLA and ADDA Chairman

Dr. Nikhil Banerjee, the Chairman of Asansol Durgapur Development Authority (ADDA) and also the MLA of Durgapur (East) was heckled by supporters of a rival faction of Trinamool Congress yesterday afternoon, while he was leading a rally organised by the Trinamool Congress itself demanding absorption at the proposed IQ City.

The much hyped and much talked about IQ City is a health city project on a 600 acre plot in Durgapur. The ADDA had provided land for the project in 2005 which was supposed to take off by 2009 but failed due to a long standing feud over internal share distribution and some other related problems.

The promoters had declared direct employment to 2000 under the project but according to the MLA: “The authority has deliberately been skirting responsibility of providing employment and we have learnt that they are hand-in-glove with a section of local TMC leadership who have assured them protection irrespective of whether locals are employed or not , which we protested.”

Dr Banerjee, in spite of being the Chairman of ADDA, responded to his party’s call to attend a protest rally demanding absorption at the IQ City. When the rally crossed Bijra village and was about to enter Shovapur, about 100 people, including women armed with broomstick, axe and dagger suddenly rushed in and attacked Dr Banerjee and tried to drag him out of the rally. Bomb was hurled targeting his car, which however exploded in front of his SUV.

“They pushed me and one of the assailants punched me on my chest. I was shocked to see their brazenness,” said the Trinamool MLA.

Five Trinamool Congress supporters of both factions were injured.

According to Trinamool sources, two factions – one led by Dr. Banerjee and the other by INTTUC district president Prabhat Chatterjee – are at loggerhead over supplying of casual workers and guards at the upcoming Rs 500 crore project of IQ City in Durgapur.

The IQ City authority however refused to comment.

Prabhat Chatterjee, a mayoral council member of Durgapur Municipality Corporation however denied the charges.
The police however was yet to book anyone in connection with the assault. Mr Sunil Yadav, ADCP (East) said: “We have initiated a probe into this.”

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