Durgapur Pathik Motel red colour angers state minister

State Tourism Minister Gautam Deb expressing displeasure over red colour at Durgapur's Pathik Motel

Durgapur News Desk, 26 July 2018: State Tourism minister Goutam Deb during his Durgapur visit yesterday expressed displeasure over the red colour of the Pathik Motel in Gandhi More. Incidentally, the motel is under state tourism department.

Built during the former left front government, by West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation, Pathik Motel is one of the most sought after property for business travellers and tourists alike.

Situated at a stone throwaway distance from Gandhi More on NH2, Pathik Motel during renovation in 2008 was painted Red and White. Minister Deb has now ordered that the building must now have to be painted Blue. Such a dictum is however not new as most of the properties under state government has been painted blue and white after the Trinamool Congress came to power in Bengal in 2011.

State tourism minister visited Pathik Motel to have a glimpse of the ongoing renovation and expansion work. Apart from giving the rooms a facelift, a new conference hall with modern amenities is being setup here.

During his daylong Durgapur visit, minister Deb also went to Resort Riviera on the bank of river Damodar which is likely to reopen shortly after remaining closed for nearly six years. The Riviera Riverside Resort was built by the former Left Government for the nature lovers, to give them a chance to return to the old world charm of traveling for pleasure and relaxation. However, State Tourism Development Corporation failed to run it on their own and leased out the property to a private company.

After the change of power in the state, the private company too put their hands out of the resort because of various issues including recruitment and resort workmen. The same private company has now being working on their own to reopen the resort and has roped in the same private company to run it.

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