Durgapur project workers halt smuggling effort

Workers assembles in front of the Durgapur Project Limited office

Workers of the state-owned power utility company, Durgapur Project Limited (DPL) has caught miscreants red-handed when they were smuggling valuable machineries from the factory premises. DPL, a five-decade-old multi-utility growth propeller, has been one of the major planks of expansion and prosperity of the industrial belt Durgapur.

Cash-strapped DPL, in order to recover from the soaring losses and hefty debt burden, had planned to liquidate units I and II. The state power secretary, Mr. Gopal Krishnan, during his visit to the plant last February had suggested liquidation of units III, IV and V to reduce cost of generation. The DPL, meanwhile, had cleared auction of scrapped equipment of the plant’s units I and II. But the fate of units III, IV and V was kept hanging.

A private agency, meanwhile, was engaged for clearing scrapped materials of units I and II and the contractor agency had deployed labourers and supervisors for the purpose.

Workers assembles in front of the Durgapur Project Limited office

On May 10 evening, the plant workers of unit no. VI observed a truck leaving the plant premises from units III and IV which made them suspicious. They intercepted the truck loaded with valuable machineries and machinery parts from units III and IV. The workers immediately called up the security officials. The security staff seized the lorry and caught Chandra Prakash – a supervisor of the private agency. Later he was handed over to police.

Chandra Prakash, according to the plant officials, hinted that a private security supervisor engaged by the DPL had asked him to bring the lorry out of the plant site. Police has begun a probe. The MD, DPL, Mr M K Moitra, said the matter is being investigated.

Meanwhile, the body of a security personnel, Bhavdeo Singh (56), was found hanging beside the canteen inside the plant premises. Police sources informed that they are also investigating whether the death has any possible link.

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