Durgapur reeling under jumbo attack fear

One of the wild elephant that entered into the Durgapur town

Durgapur News Desk, 01 February 2017: The recent killings of two Durgapur residents by wild elephants, who have strayed into the Durgapur town, including the premises of Durgapur Steel Plant on Thursday (02 February), have created a sense of fear in the town.

The forest officials and the administrations are finding it extremely difficult to tackle the situation and scare away the three jumbos out of the Durgapur town. However, on Sunday (05 February), two trained elephants were brought to Durgapur to help in pushing the wild elephants back into the jungles.

The wild elephants had killed two persons and injured at least five, apart from destroying two huts, in the last three days.

A team of three adult elephants, which emerged from the Bhimgarh forest in Birbhum on 2 February crossed the Ajay River and entered Ramnagar in Pandaveswar. Several persons were injured and one forest official, Chotu Paswan was brutally injured by the attack of the jumbos. Chotu later succumbed to his injury in a Durgapur hospital.

Being scared away by locals and forest officials, the three wild elephants got scattered. On Thursday, one of the jumbos entered Durgapur town and later drifted inside Durgapur Steel Plant premises through Gopalmath. There the jumbo attacked and injured two. Shyamapada Ghosh, contract worker of DSP had to be admitted in Durgapur Steel Plant’s Main Hospital.

On Friday, the jumbo was drove away by forest officials and ‘Hullah party’ inside Durgapur Project Limited colony crossing Waria. At about 10 pm on the same day, the jumbo attacked Durgap Mahato and killed her brutally.

For the last three days, the forest department has been trying to drive them out, but in vain. Officials, however, claimed they managed to send back one of them, but the other two are still wreaking havoc in Panagarh forest and inside the abandoned Hindustan Fertilizer Corporation Limited (HFCL) factory. Since the areas have dense forest cover, officials can’t enter on vehicles or on foot.

When contacted, Durgapur forest division officer, Milan Kanti Mondal said: “We have brought in two Kunkis to look for the wild elephants. We will tranquillize the jumbos when we locate them. All safety measures have been taken and we are trying our best to drive out the elephants from Durgapur and Panagarh.”

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