Durgapur residents protest cell phone tower erection


Residents of City Centre Durgapur protested the erection of cell phone tower amidst locality. Concerned about the effects of cell phone tower in residential area, residents of SAIL co-operative housing complex objected the erection of a cell phone tower on terrace of a house in the locality and sought intervention of the administration. Yesterday the locals forced the company to stop the debated erection work.

There has been much debate about the effects of radiations from cell phone towers on human being and animals. Though there have been various widely diversified views on the issue but the concern on its impact on human being remains.


A recent study conducted by researchers of the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Cancer Research Institute (NSCRI) have reinforced the belief that radiation from cellphone towers are taking a toll on the health of people living near them. Cellphone tower radiation could be triggering a range of disorders – from fatigue, memory loss, headache and hearing impairment to more serious problems like cardiac diseases and even congenital defects, claims the study.

The protesters said that the tower is too close to surrounding houses. The protesting residents complained that the cell phone tower is being order without the consent letter from the pollution control board, which is a mandatory pre-requisite for such erection. They cited independent research that claims children absorb radiation faster than adults and that telephone towers are unsafe.

President of the housing complex society, Mr. Badal Majumdar said: “We have authentic information that this kind of cell phone tower is hazardous to health. So we have strongly opposed such erection.”

“We do not want this potential health hazard for our children and elders. We are well aware of the fact that a cell phone antenna emits harmful EMF radiations which can cause various health hazards like brain tumour and cancer,” said one of the residents of the residential complex whose house is adjacent to the one where the tower has been erected.

A committee formed by the Union government in 2012 has already recommended cap on the erection of cell phone tower in residential areas.

Durgapur SDO Kasturi Sengupta said that she is aware of the whole incident and the concern raised by the residents. She assures of an amicable solution soon. Meanwhile work of the erection has been stopped.

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