Durgapur TMC leader named in FIR spotted with police chief and mayor

Jai Balaji Industries of Durgapur has lodged a police complaint against Trinamool leader Ashim Pramanik, who is the main accused of assaulting a GM of Jai Balaji Industries on 15th December, and whom the labor wing of Trinamool Congress, INTTUC tried to disown and distance themselves from. In the complain the authorities have alleged that Ashim Pramanik is threatening Jai Balaji authorities over phone with dire consequences if the suspension of three workers allegedly involved in the December 15 ruckus is not withdrawn. To the astonishment of many, Ashim Pramanik was seen on Sunday sharing the dais at a programme with the Durgapur mayor-cum-MLA, Mr. Apurba Mukherjee and the Asansol-Durgapur police commissioner, Ajay Nand during a cricket match in Durgapur.
The plant’s senior vice-president, Niranjan Gourisaria, said today: “Pramanik has made several threat calls to me and other executives. We lodged a police complaint against Pramanik and also informed Asansol-Durgapur police commissioner Ajay Nand last week.” “There is no question of withdrawing the suspension,” he added.
The Trinamool leader Ashim Pramanik has been banned from entering the factory premises of Jai Balaji in Durgapur after he led workers to detain officials disrupting work in December and was named in the FIR for physically assaulting a Jai Balaji GM. Mr. Pramanik however denied that he had made threat calls and points towards the factionalism in the labor wing of Trinamool Congress. “The Jai Balaji authorities are trying to sideline me with the help of INTTUC district president Prabhat Chatterjee,” he said.
Burdwan INTTUC chief Prabhat Chatterjee, who had claimed after the December incident in Jai Balaji Industries that Pramanik was not a union member, latar on during the protest Dharna by Pramanik led INTTUC members outside Mission Hospital in Durgapur appeared to unwittingly accept that Pramanik had ties with Trinamool’s labor arm, saying, “I am unable to control Pramanik.”
Asked about the cricket match venue where he was seen sharing the dais with Mayor Apurba Mukherjee and Commissioner Ajay Nand, Pramanik said, “ I am the general secretary of the unions at Jai Balaji and Graphite India limited and also the block president of Trinamool’s Youth wing in the Sagarbhanga area. I went to meet my leader Apurbada during the cricket match.
The CPM termed Pramanik’s sharing the stage with the mayor and the police chief “Unfortunate”. Amal Halder, the Burdwan CPM secretary, said, “Trinamool has been claiming that Pramanik does not belong to the party. Then what was he doing on the dais with Trinamool MLA-cum-mayor Mukherjee and the police commissioner? What message will go to the policemen investigating the complaints against Pramanik after seeing him standing with the police boss on the dais?”
Durgapur mayor, Apurba Mukherjee declined to comment. So did Burdwan INTTUC chief Prabhat Chatterjee. Asansol-Durgapur police commissioner, Ajay Nand was however not available for comments.

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