Durgapur TMC leaders skipped dance show having extortion charges

After several traders in Durgapur alleges of extortion by some local Trinamool Congress leaders in connection with “advertisement collection” for a dance show at Srijani Auditorium in City Centre of Durgapur, most of the front line Trinamool leaders stayed away from the show.

The controversial Invitation card of the dance show held at Srijani Auditorium of Durgapur

Durgapur Trinamool leaders whose names were printed on the invitation card for the Kathak dance programme, ‘Megha’, organised yesterday by a troupe owned by a Trinamool leader’s brother stayed away from the event following the allegations from several Durgapur traders.

Several traders have alleged that local Trinamool leaders, including Sadananda Biswas’s brother Biplab, had collected money for advertisements in a souvenir for the programme showing tariff card that had picture of the artiste with the President, the Prime Minister’s wife and an MP. Sadananda Biswas was the performing artist and the owner of the dance troupe, Kathak Dharohar which held the dance show, ‘Megha’ at the Srijani Auditorium in City Centre of Durgapur yesterday.

The traders had alleged that the Trinamool leaders had told them that they “better pay up” as the dancer knew “famous personalities”. To know more about the allegations made by the Durgapur traders, you can read the earlier news at: http://durgapuradda.com/durgapur-news-breaking-latest-updated/durgapur-traders-alleges-extortion-by-local-trinamool-leaders.html

Prabhat Chatterjee, the district INTTUC president and mayoral council member at Durgapur Municipal Corporation who was supposed to be a special guest at the dance show, said he did not attend the event because the way money was collected was “immoral and may be illegal too”. “I did not attend the programme. I feel embarrassed as our party’s name got involved in the malpractice,” Chatterjee added.

Local MLA and Asansol Durgapur Development Authority Chairman Nikhil Banerjee, another guest who stayed away, said: “After learning about the way money was raised for advertisements, I decided not to attend the programme.”

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