Durgapur TMCP leader assaults staff of Michael Madhusudan Memorial college

Michael Madhusudan Memorial College of Durgapur witnessed hooliganism of Trinamool Congress Chhatra Parishad (TMCCP) on December 6. TMCP is the student wing of Trinamool Congress. In the last two years after Trinamool Congress came to power in Bengal, several incidents has been reported in which students owing allegiance to TMCP has allegedly manhandled teaching and non-teaching staff of colleges. In this context it is not an isolated incident.

This incident at the Durgapur college has however been criticized by the district leadership of the TMCCP. The college authority and the district leadership of the TMCCP have suspended the accused both from the college and from the union leadership.

Mr Sukhen Bauri, a group-D staff with the Michael Madhusudan Memorial College was attacked and beaten up by Kartik Dasgupta, the assistant general secretary of TMCCP in the college yesterday.

Mr Bauri said: “Kartik was drunk and was trying to disturb students in the badminton court. I protested and he attacked me before I could anticipate anything. He punched my jaw and then hit my chest. I fell on the ground.”

When students saw Kartik attack Mr Bauri, they chased Kartik.

Earlier, a number of college staff complained about the misbehaviour of Kartik, a first year student of “Humanities”.
The college principal, Dr Ranjushree Patra, said: “The student’s arrogant behaviour has been reported to us several times in this case he crossed every limits. So we have suspended him. We have brought the matter to the notice of the college managing committee president seeking his intervention.”

Mr Apurba Mukherjee, mayor of Durgapur and the managing committee president of the college said: “I have asked the college authority to table the matter in the general body meeting of the college, slated in January.”

Mr Ashoke Rudra, district president, TMCCP said: “We have suspended him and will inquire the matter.”

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