Durgapur under cold wave

Durgapur and its adjoining areas are reeling under extreme cold. With minimum temperature hovering at around 5 to 7 degree Celsius, life has been real hard for quite some days. The biting chilling sensation of the cold is more due to gusty winds blowing throughout the day.

Searching warmth beside fire during winter

Morning fogs are quite common in Durgapur. At times it becomes unsafe to walk on roads as well. Objects at a distance of about 15 metre become blurred. But as day time progresses, sunlight starts ruling over fog and mist. Day temperatures are moderate and sitting under sun and taking a sunbath makes it a enjoyable experience. But as sun sets in, temperature starts dropping at a fast rate and as night progresses, it becomes all the more harsh. Everyone searches for some kind of warmth.
On 17th December 2011, Panagarh, at a distance of about 13 Km from Durgapur recorded a minimum temperature of only 5.6 degree Celsius. Even hill stations of North Bengal, like Kalimpong, was warmer than Panagarh. One must not forget that this is just the beginning of the winter days and more severe cold weather is expected in coming days.

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