Durgapur under intense heat wave

Durgapur and its adjoining areas are under the grip of intense heat wave. The mercury level has already touched 44 Degree Celsius accompanied by hot winds. The Metrological department has already sounded alert notice.

Protection against heat wave

One may recall that last year there had been 43 deaths in Durgapur and Asansol belt. Every year quite a large number of people get killed due to intense heat wave in Durgapur-Asansol region.

Metrological department officials have said that there is almost no chance of respite in at least a week. They have also predicted that temperature may soar up to 47 degree Celsius in coming days.

Health department officials have cautioned people to take precautionary measures before going out in the sun.

Apart from drinking lots of water, one must also covered maximum parts of the body while going out in the sun and should try to stay maximum time indoor, recommends doctors.

Shortage of drinking water is another major area of concern for the residents of most parts of Durgapur in these hot days of the summer.

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