Durgapur under the grip of intense heat

Durgapur – the industrial town of Bengal is reeling under intense heat. It has been quite hot and humid these days. The temperature in Durgapur during day time is ranging from 43-47 degree Celsius. The uniqueness of the heat in Durgapur is the fact, that hot wind called Loo make life miserable. Kalbaisakhi, which was quite common in this part of Bengal, has also dried up. There has been no rain for at least 2 weeks. The people here in Durgapur are looking to the rain God to save them from this intense heat. It has been nothing going in the way of Durgapur as the Metrological Department released the news that no shower is expected here for at least a week.

Durgapur under the grip of Loo

The people of Durgapur are also facing water scarcity as wells have mostly dried up. River Damodar has completely dried up as well, adding up to the water shortage problem. The Durgapur Municipal Corporation (DMC) are trying best to provide relief to the people of those areas which have been badly hit by water scarcity problem, by arranging water tanks. People are seen standing with buckets in long queue for hours. There have been reports of sunstroke due to intense heat in the town. The roads in the city are seen to be empty from as early as 11 am these days due to intense heat coupled with the hot wind or loo.
Its election time in Durgapur. The election for the Durgapur Municipality Corporation (DMC) will be held on 3rd June. But due to intense heat, campaign by all the political parties has been badly hit. The whole of Durgapur is looking to the Rain God for some form of respite from this intense heat.

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