Durgapur witness fairy tale marriage


Durgapur witnessed a fairy tale marriage on Monday on occasion of the wedding between a Latvian singer and Asansol born choreographer. The wedding was held at a hotel in Durgapur last evening where many eminent residents of the Durgapur city assembled and blessed Elza Rozentale – the Latvian singer and Avik Nath – the choreographer.

The Latvian singer Elza Rozentale, along with her parents and friends has flown all the way to the industrial city just to marry the young choreographer Avik hailing from Asansol.


Elza’s parents – Mr Ergon Rozentals and Mrs Ieva Rozentale with Elza’s Latvian friends – Julia Kobceva, Emilia Tansone, Irina Pansovska and Marta Matuzenvictia arrived here a week ago to get accustomed with Indian culture and religion.

The guests from Latvia, the country that got unshackled from the erstwhile USSR said in unison they share the same philosophy as the Indians.

Indian males promise to be the ideal spouses for the Russian women, affected as the latter are by a high male death rate owing largely to unhealthy lifestyles, said Maria Arbatova, a leading Russian feminist author and prominent television presenter, who was present at the reception.

Avik – a former Indian Air Force commando migrated to the world of dance and melody in 2007 and his luck finally clicked when he was accommodated with ‘Bombaloo’ – a Latvian cultural troupe that had come to perform in Mumbai and Pune in 2011.

“That was the first time we met during the performance, but we had no idea that we would fall in love finally,” said Avik.

Elza was a singer with the troupe. “She went back to Latvia and in 2012, Bambaloo asked me to join the troupe at Riga – the Latvian capital as a solo performer of classical Indian dance mixed with Bollywood flexibilities and self-styled ballet,” he added.

On 27 January 2014, Avik was certified as a sincere promoter of India’s cultural heritage and for strengthening friendly relation between India and Latvia by the Indian Ambassador, Mrs Banashree Bose Harison at Riga.

The ‘fairy-tale’ love story between Avik and Elza, alike to dance maestro, Uday Shankar – Ana Pavlova love story blossomed further and culminated in tying the nuptial bond on February 3.

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