Durgapur – witnessing cool summer days

Durgapur – situated on the Tropic of Cancer is known for its hot scorching summer days. During summer months, the days become so hot that life becomes miserable. Adding to the woo, this is accompanied by hot wind, locally called Loo. The sun seems to be overhead with all its vigour and vitality from early morning till late in the afternoon. Even after the sun sets, the hot wind continues to blow quite a few hours after evening.
But this year, Durgapur is witnessing an unconventional weather this summer. Summer months have already arrived, but the days are not so hot and Loo, the hot wind is not blowing till today. In fact, in every two to three days Durgapur is having some shower. It is this shower which is making the atmosphere of the city cool and bearable. This transformation in weather phenomenon may be a matter of respite for the people of Durgapur, but it is to be seen whether it continues all throughout the summer months or not.
These changes of weather phenomenon have been noticed in several other parts of the world as well. Scientists are of the opinion that the Tsunami of 2004 and 2009 have changed and modified the weather pattern of the Earth to a considerable extent. Global warming, melting of the polar ice caps are some of the other that are believed to be the other causes responsible for such unconventional weather conditions.

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