Durgapurians, let’s stand by Sourav

People of Durgaur must raise their voice against the humiliation rendered to the pride of Bengal, our beloved Dada, Sourav Ganguly, by the think tank and owner Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). In spite of being the highest run scorer for KKR in last edition of Indian Premier League (IPL), Ganguly being shown the door and forced to end his career is something against which we being an ardent cricket lover must raise our voice against. It’s time to stand by Sourav and show our solidarity.

Sourav-Shahrukh in happier days together

Though Mr. Sharukh Khan tried to wash his hand by saying that the decision was taken by “Cricketing Brains”, sounds like an emphatic false statement. The owner of the team not being consulted on such an important issue and not taken permission from is something which is hard to believe. How funny it is to hear and know that Mr. Khan’s team of “Cricketing Brains” does not include one of the best cricketing brains of the country, Sourav Ganguly.
People of the Steel City of Durgapur, which has a long and rich history of sports, must raise their voice in whatever ways they can against Sharukh Khan and his team of KKR. Kolkata Knight Riders without Dada, the pride of Kolkata and Bengal is like living without an eye. It’s high time to show that we are with Sourav Ganguly, the most successful captain of Indian Cricket team.
So Durgapurians raise your protest against this planned humiliation of our beloved Dada and record it in the “Speak Your Mind” segment of this website.

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  1. we have to think positively ignoring our sensitive and emotional issues. being a master class batsman and one of the successful captain of india Sourav Ganguly didn't play any cricket for the lat 1 year. played only a ranji match scoring very low. For a team management or a owner its very painfull to buy such cricketer, whoever it is, with such a high base value. being a supporter of sourav and also kkr, i think this move is good for cricket and also good for KKR otherwise we can also raise our voice for many more other talented genious cricketers who didnt played for year to buy for kkr


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