Durgapur’s three best Durgapuja in 2011

The four day long Durgapuja of 2011 has ended on 6th October. The industrial town of Durgapur celebrated the puja with a great spirit. The pandals remained crowded even in the late hours of night. The puja has been by and large peaceful and no report of unwanted incidents and accidents has been reported.
Here is an account of the three best puja’s of Durgapur. Factors like art, ambience and uniqueness have been taken into consideration while selecting the following puja’s as the three best puja’s of Durgapur.

Idol of Maa Durga at Adibedi of DPL Township Durgapur

B-Zone Adiedi of DPL (Durgapur Project Limited) township at Durgapur surprised everyone by putting up the idol of Maa Durga and her family from scrap materials. The way in which scrap materials like broken parts of table fan, bicycle, scooter, gas oven, utensils, knife, etc, have been put into use is simply amazing. The theme of the puja was “Recycling” and it taught and reminded the people of Durgapur, the usefulness of recycling. Though the pandal was average, yet this puja of DPL Township surpassed the imagination of the people of Durgapur with its idol. In today’s world when much emphasis is being laid upon reuse and recycling, the Durgapuja at Adibedi highlighted this concept and is aptly been selected as one of the three best pujas of Durgapur.
Durgapuja Pandal of Fuljhore Durgapur 2011

Durgapuja of Fuljhore near B.C.Roy Engineering College and MAMC Carmel Convent School put up a magnificent pandal and idol of Maa Durga and her family too was amazing. In the past few years this puja of Durgapur has rose into prominence and is attracting huge crowds. This year, building materials like bricks, cement, chips, sand have been put into use to make the pandal. The theme of this year’s puja was “Palki Chale Re”, i.e. “Palanquin on the move”. The pandal represented a palanquin (palki). The colour combination of the pandal needs special mention, it was awesome. The idol too was distinctively different and complements the pandal interior well. For all this and more Durgapuja of Fuljhore finds its place in the list of three best puja’s of Durgapur.
Idol of Goddess Durga at Marconi Dakshinpally Durgapuja 2011

Durgapuja of Marconi Dakshinpalli near Chandidas market of Steel Township put up a huge pandal, depicting the famous Somnath Temple of Gujarat. The pandal was a so huge and so highly crafted that it seemed that the Somnath Temple have been moved to Durgapur from Gujarat by some unknown force. On entering the pandal one would have the feel that he has entered the real Somnath Temple. The ambience has been perfectly maintained. The idol of Goddesses Durga and her family was made in the line of Manipuri Style of art. The idol was unique and was life like. Lighting in and around the pandal was also amazing. Like every year in the past ten years, any discussion and writing of Durgapuja at Durgapur is incomplete without the mention of Marconi Dakshinpally Durgapuja, and this time on its 51st year Marconi is very rightly been selected in the list of the three best pujas of Durgapur.

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  1. Proud and honoured of being a Durgapurian. Durgapur has made its presence in almost everything starting from Education to Puja, it has been competing with major metros in the Country.Commenting about the Durgapuja, Marconi has always been the lime light and the largest crowd puller in Durgapuja.Even when I show pictures of Marconi to my friends in Kolkata,they were much surprised and without much ado they stated "IT AS THE REAL REPLICA OF SOMNATH TEMPLE". It was not an exposition of the temple, it was the exposition of the rare beauty of Gujarat in Durgapur.This was an amazing way of expressing the quality of people stays here and of course I must say if we could get little more attention and help from the West Bengal Government,we would have surpass several biggest hot spots and happening metros with our creative mindet.One just cant ignore the edge we have over others and some major advantages are less pollution,no traffic at all,communications are superb,no inundations during the monsoon,roads are clean and tidy and most importantly crime rates are very very nominal."if I would have been given a chance, I would have promoted Durgapur along with the places like Kolkata,Kalyani, Burdwan, Siliguri etc. Never mind, we will still be in the race even if we are not called for it.


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