Expelled leader of Durgapur made realization of PF dues possible

The expelled Trinamool Congress and INTTUC leader of Durgapur, Mr. Asim Pramanik is in news once again, but this time for his good work which brought back smiles in faces of 8,000-odd laborers of Jai Balaji Industries. All the laborers working in the steel unit of Jai Balaji, irrespective of the union they belong, praised Mr. Pramanik because of the complain and persuation of the union leader which brought into light the fact that Jai Balaji industries has not deposited the employee’s share of Provident fund (PF) contribution.

Jai Balaji Industries of Durgapur

Labourers of the private steel unit heaved a sigh of relief as the Regional Provident Fund Commissioner’s office, managed to realise Rs 1.48 crore that it was to receive from the company since a year, following complaints by the expelled trade union leader.
Mr. Pramanik had earlier unleashed a war against deprivation of worker’s interest by the Jai Balaji Group’s secondary steel units operating in Durgapur. He, in a series of charges against the Jai Balaji authority described that the company was not contributing worker’s PF sum, was “cheating” the government by not paying Sales-Tax against dispatches. Also, he had claimed that the authority was failing to bring the workers under ESI health facilities.
Mr. Pramanik had complained to the Regional PF Commissioner’s office seeking stern action against Jai Balaji, a month ago. Also, he had put forward grievances against the Jai Balaji authority to the offices of the Central Excise and the ESI authority.
The Jai Balaji Group had lodged an FIR against Mr. Pramanik with the Coke Oven police station on 16 December last describing him as “errant” and bringing charges that he had raided the houses of a number of senior company officials. The authority, according to insiders, also had mounted pressure on the ruling Trinamool Congress to help expedite Mr. Pramanik’s expulsion from the party, which finally yielded result on 11 March when, Mr. Asim Pramanik was expelled from Trinamool Congress and INTUC. The party brought charges of “corruption, high-handedness and causing harm to party’s reputation” against him.
The Regional PF authority, on inquiry, found the Jai Balaji Group as defaulter and lodged a complaint of criminal breach of trust, under Sections 406 and 409 IPC against Mr. Rajiv Jajodia, Director and Mr. Niranjan Gaurisaria, Senior GM, Jai Balaji Group.
Mr. B K Kumar, regional PF commissioner, said: “The Company had deducted Rs 1.48 crore from the wages as employee’s share of PF contribution for the period April 2012-December 2012 but hadn’t deposited the amount with the authority in violation of Section 6 of the Act. We have finally realised the sum in two phases last week following a complaint by the trade union.”
The regional office of the Central Excise authority, meanwhile, has also realised Sales-Tax worth Rs 86 lakhs from the same Jai Balaji authority against its non-payment.
Mr. Pramanik said: “I might have been expelled by my party. But I am happy that my efforts yielded at least some positive results serving the common worker’s interest.”
The incident also puts a serious question mark on the way the industries are operating in Bengal and how the workers are being cheated. Also it’s probably a classical example of how, anyone who fights for the worker’s cause and bring into light the fraudulent activities of a company are being silenced.

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