Elderly man forced out of his own house in Durgapur by son

An elderly man of City Centre Durgapur was allegedly forced out of his own home by his son and daughter-in-law when he refused to transfer the legal papers of his house in their name. The incident came as a shock to most of the people of the industrial town of Durgapur.

Bimal Chandra Chattopadhyay (67) constructed a house in the non-company area of City Centre Durgapur. The place is considered to be one of the prime locations of Durgapur and the house is on an area of three kottah.

He took retirement in 1996. After he lost his wife in 1998, he was living with his son and daughter-in-law in his own house. But for the last few months his own son was regularly pressurizing Mr. Bimal Chandra to transfer the paper of the house in his name.

On refusing to do so, the elderly man was harassed and tortured regularly. One day, the son managed to hire some people and forced the old man to leave his own house. He went to the local police station, but they refused to intervene.

In despair Bimal Chandra knocked the door of Kolkata High Court. On Thursday, the High Court judge, Sanjib Bandopadhyay instructed the IC of City Centre Durgapur police station to produce the son and daughter-in-law of Bimal Chandra before the judge on January 8, 2014 and inquire into the matter.

The IC of City Centre Durgapur police station, Mr. Dibbendu Mukhopadhyay said that he had called the son in the police station to inquire, but the son of the elderly man has denied all allegations and charges. The son said that his father had left the house on his own and not under any kind of pressure.

Elderly man being harassed by son and other relatives is definitely not a new incident. It has now become quite common in metro cities. But this kind of incident is quite uncommon in relatively smaller towns like Durgapur.

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