Elderly woman and son beaten up by TMC supporters in Durgapur

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An elderly woman and her son were beaten up by alleged Trinamool supporters in Durgapur yesterday when they protested drinking, creating nuisances and making lewd remarks. The incident took place at Sagarbhanga Colony near Durgapur Railway station where mostly retired state government employees live with families.

Residents of Sagarbhanga Durgapur protesting the incident where Trinamool supporters beats up an elderly women and her son

Rupam Laha, 35, a physiotherapist by profession was kicked and punched in his abdomen and chest, by a group of local youths known to be Trinamool supporters who were drinking inside a single-storey vacant quarter and made lewd remarks at his wife when she was on her way to a shop.

“I went to the quarter adjacent to ours and told the youths to leave. But they ridiculed me. When I protested and threatened to call police, they told me they were Trinamool supporters and I could not do anything. They beat me up,” Rupam said.

When Rupam’s mother Tapashi, 58, came to his rescue, she was allegedly pushed to the ground and beaten up. “The youths twisted my mother’s left wrist and assaulted her. She suffered bruises on her left hand and injuries to her hip,” said Rupam.

The police arrived after being informed by some residents, but by then, the youths had fled.

Rupam’s father Gour Chandra Laha is a retired state government employee.

Local residents said Trinamul supporters held regular drinking sessions in eight vacant quarters and often passed lewd remarks at ladies. They also informed that often, young women join them in the celebrations.

She alleged that the youths owed allegiance to local Trinamul leader Shankar Munshi, who has set up a club-cum-party office in one of the vacant quarters.

Police said they are investigating into the matter and revealed that a search is on for the absconding youths.

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